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Jerry Zee and Company
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Phone: 321-632-6037
City: Rockledge Florida
Dennis Bram is a tenor man with flute, soprano and vocals. Also featured is (sax),Bill Boyd (trumpet) , Billy Davis sax and vocals and Rene Lewis trombone. Ken Medei does Sinatra, Diamond, and Elvis.and The presentation is dress up casual with decorum suitable for the most demanding venues. Ken Z plays outstanding bass (electric and acoustic).And yes,we do some rockin' reggae.Another version features Steve Mzzi on sax and Stephen Lomazzo on vocals.

Jerry is a native upstate New Yorker who began guitar lessons at age 12 at the beginning of the electric guitar revolution. His early influences were Buddy Holly, Dion, the Ventures, Les Paul and jazz greats such as Charlie Byrd, Jim Hall,Grant Greene, Wes Montgomery and of course the first smooth jazz guitarist, George Benson..Jerry served in the USAF for 26 years Jerry says,I love complicated,rich chords,which exist in jazz and some pop standards. Jerry was a main stay in some of the top restaurants and lounges in Central New York. . .
The group aims at a well modulated and eclectic approach to music. The target is originality in the arrangements. There is a hint of jazz and fusion in some classic rock, yes reggae and even some country tunes get a makeover. The sound is different, listenable, danceable, often toe tapping, never repetitious or boring. On the one hand they do the simplistic 3 chord rock nuggets like 'Staggerlee' and 'Walkin the Dog', move to 'Blue Bossa', then to jump swing 'Jumpin at the Greenmill' and then perform the haunting 'Body and Soul' and 'My Funny Valentine'as standard jazz features - then throw in a cajon flavored ' Jambalaya' and stir the musical pot. Oldies gems such as 'Sleepwalk', 'The Wanderer'never get lost in the shuffle.
If you'd lived through the eras(like they have) than you certainly have an shot at covering the territory musically. This group is not 'in your face' performers or 'wild and crazy' You can still hold a conversation even if you're up close to the music. The audience is always treated with respect and the sound is measured, the equipment first rate, the dress and stage presence appropriate. This group plays jazz with pizzazz and more
And for you equipment fanatics: The PA is a Bose L1 with a B2 super Bose bass module. The guitar sound is amplified through a Polytone amp. The guitar is a or Gibson L4 or L5 hollow body jazz guitar and a Fender Telecaster. We use the Bose Tone Master mixer with effects and Shure Beta 3 mics. We sometimes use a harmonizer(Vocalist 3) Our setup 'footprint is small: we fit into the tightest of spaces. Cover songs with stylistic interpretations and a few originals. CHECK US OUT!!!!

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Sat 01-22-2022
6PM - 9PM
Jerry Zee, Garon & Ron D'A
Jerry Zee and CompanyEl Sombrero, Mexican Cuisine
Palm Bay
Fri 01-28-2022
3PM - 5:30PM
afternoon jazz plus event
Jerry Zee and CompanyGEORGE & DRAGON English Tavern
Cocoa Village
Sat 02-05-2022
5PM - 7:30
burgers, blues, jazz
Jerry Zee and CompanyHamburger Mikes
Thu 03-03-2022
5PM - 9PM
Jerry Zee, Garon Richey & ...
Jerry Zee and CompanyMatt's Casbah

Records = 4 Page 1 of 1
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