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Russ Kellum Band
Web Site
Phone: 321-917-7284
City: Brevard County, Fl
Originals,Rock, Blues, Funk, Jam

Russ Kellum - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Michael Gass - Drums and Vocals
Eric Hutchins - Bass and Vocals

I was fortunate to catch The Russ Kellum Band in Satellite Beach.
His band is exactly what I expected, an absolute powerhouse.

--- Andy Harrington, Brevard Live Magazine

Russ never know where he might show up, but when he does, he is sure to make an impact that�s unforgettable.

--- Michael Nunez, Florida Today

�The moment I heard Russ play I knew he was what my song Stepping Stone needed. His melodic, soulful playing brought this song to life in the studio. I would recommend him in any musical project that has a soul... because he simply gets it!�

� Jeremy Bonner Founder/Artist @ Vertical Record Label, Linkedin


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