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New Message Boards for Musicians Online
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: Aug 17, 2016 

For quite a while now, SCL has maintained two Message Boards, Musicans Looking For Gigs and Bands Looking For Musicians. These two boards have helped Musicians find new opportunities to play, and helped Bands add new talent to their group.

Now, in response to popular demand by the SCL user community, SCL adds two new boards: Venues Looking For Musicians and For Sale. The first one, Venues Looking For Musicians, is intended to be used by venues who are seeking Entertainment. SCL has made an effort to publicize similar requests in the past, but now the Venues will be able to get the word out directly. The other new board, For Sale, has been added in response to all the folks who said “I have equipment for sale”, “I give lessons”, “I have studio time available”, and the like. This is an opportunity to tell the community what you have to offer.

We’ve added these boards because we want to support the SCL user community, which includes the Bands, the Venues, and the music-loving people on the Space Coast. As with every other aspect of SCL, the original and new message boards are community resources, and must be used in a manner consistent with that. In other words, keep your messages factual, legal and appropriate. If we see messages posted that don’t fit what the SCL community expects and deserves, we’ll implement a requirement for user accounts to access the boards, and that really is more trouble than joy. Let’s keep things straight and easy.

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Check out our new Message Boards where musicians and bands can get the word out about the local music scene. Musicians can use the Musician Board to let the local bands know that they're available. Bands can use Band Board to announce that they are looking for local musicians. We hope you enjoy this new free service from Space Coast Live Music Calendar.

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