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How the Switch to SCL2.0 will Happen.
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: Apr 23, 2018 
A couple musicians and bands currently listed on SCL have asked if/how their data will be carried over to the new site, which I call SCL2.0. The short answer is yes- the plan is that the existing data will be copied over, at least the current information (band descriptions, contact information, etc.) and the upcoming event information (future gigs/bookings). The new site manager, Will Standley, has been working hard to build a website that will accept all the data presently collected, including the current band and venue accounts, ids & pws, etc. I don't know if the event data for gigs that have already occurred (in the past) will be copied over- so if you are one of the musicians who looks at his/her past gigs at the end of the year for accounting/tax purposes, I suggest you make a note of the relevant details of those gigs now, just in case.

At some point not too far in the future, the data on the current SCL site will copied to the new SCL2.0 site system. When data is transferred from one working site to another, the usual process is to 'freeze' the old site by not accepting new data (bands & venues won't be able to add their schedules, change their descriptions, etc., but the existing Calendar event data will still be viewable). The existing data will be copied, transferred to, and loaded into the new site's databases. The www.spacecoastlive.com website 'domain' will be reassigned from the webserver where the current SCL website coding & data is stored, to a new one controlled by the SCL2.0 management. At that point, when you type in www.spacecoastlive.com (or use a saved browser bookmark), the data from the new site will be displayed on your computer. SCL2.0 will be up, and SCL1.0 will be history. Then band and venue users will be able to add/update their data on the new SCL2.0 system.

I have no doubt the SCL2.0 site design will be distinctive and easily recognizable as the 'new' SCL. I imagine you will see 'welcome' and 'how to use' messages on the new site. I have no doubt you will be able to use it, whether just a viewer, or a band or venue representative, just fine. All of this will be transparent to the most of you; and probably six months or a year from now, someone will ask me ''Hey, aren't you that SCL guy? Did you change the design of the site or something?'' And I'll smile and say ''Yeah, there's been some changes. Good catch. You're going to love the new design.''

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