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Goodbye/Hello Party for SCL on April 27th @t The Salty Fox - Rocked!!!
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: Apr 30, 2018 
And an update from Rhonda:
Thanks so much, to all that came to The Space Coast Live Thanks! Event, and signed the poster or played or spread the word of it .. we had a blast and packed the house. Also SCL (Bob) mentioned we should have a One Year Anniversary for new Owner Party, TBA, when, where, and who will be involved. Thanks ,Rhonda -Blue Fusion Band

Updating the story of the Goodbye/hello party: For all of those who came to play, listen, to see familiar faces or catch up with old friends, Thank You for joining us there. It was a great evening. I know some folks would have come except for other commitments- but your spirit was felt in your absence. Rhonda, Ric, and all the bands and musicians pitched in for a 'most excellent' evening. Rhonda Perez had some commemorative shirts printed. If you want one, please check with her to see what sizes are still available.

Don't forget Radio 1300 WKQK wants your recordings to add to their playlist of local music.

Most recent update: This event is a chance for local musicians to personally give Will from WKQK Radio 1300 their CD's to play on-air.. So bring your CDs to the SCL Event at Salty Fox this Friday night 27th)

Also a Note from Rhonda: thanks to Ric Perez and all the Bands for helping make this happen. Also thanks in advance to any others that may show up late evening after gigs that wanted to help jam....

This will be a combination ''Thanks'' Party for Warren and Bob, who are concluding their operation of the Space Coast Live site and service, and a ''Welcome and Introduction'' Party for Will, the new host of the replacement Space Coast Live site. Rhonda Perez of the Blue Fusion Band is organizing the event. Multiple bands and musicians will be performing throughout the evening. Most of the slots have been filled, but if you are interested in playing, please call/text Rhonda at 321 - 690 - 0185 in case a slot opens up. See you there!

-added 4/21/18, from Rhonda Perez: -
I know this is a Friday night (27th) and lot of bands are working gigs and we are working around players gigs times as well and mixing players as some on tour or working. But for those Bands and venue owners that are free please come out and say thanks to SCL/Bob and Warren and Will from Radio 1300 for taking it over.

The Salty Fox is a new business in the Eau Gallie Art District, sells great food and drinks, and it is nice to check out the shops and Art /music shops and murals while there. We will be jamming till 12 .If you get there early there may be some of the SCL cake left. I had ran a note a while back on SCL about Bands what wanted to play, also in Venues section as well, and the place and bands are the ones that were the first to respond. There are some later Jammers that called ahead to play also, but you never know if we can fit you in on a last minute (we can try). I have talked to many musicians and venues and they are very happy that we are doing this as they really appreciate the Creator and Manager's hard work and some all ready know Will, as he has been playing their CDs. Here is the Line up of estimated times to see your Band mates:

Start times Estimated line up
6:30 ish- Free and Clear (cool original music)
7:ish Blue Fusion for welcome open ,(Mostly Blues and Fusion and a bit of Rock )
7:50-Matt Sams (mostly Blues )
8:45 Wicked Garden Gnomes (Rock with style)
9:30 Usual Suspects (Variety of fine music )
10:15 Charlie Park Ave Band/Soul jam
10:45 Blue Fusion Band and friends Jam till end (John Q, Dave Thrift, others, TBA)

Others wanted to be involved but had gotten gigs since talking to them, but they sent their Thanks !!....

-And from Bob to Rhonda: Thank You! It's been a pleasure and an honor to support you and all the other musicians on the Space Coast.

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