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Another view of SCL's history, from the beginning to today.
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: May 3, 2018 
After that great party at The Salty Fox last night, talking with folks who have used SCL over the years to promote their music, find music to go hear, etc., I can't help feeling a little nostalgic. I recently had occassion to review a list of most of the bands that have been listed on SCL over the years, and I saw a lot of names I used to enjoy listening to.

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is a service of archive.org. They periodically take 'snapshots' of websites and make it possible for you to see what a site looked like a year ago, five years ago, etc. I looked through their various snapshots of www.spacecoastlive.com, and found a couple particularly memorable phases of the site- it gives you an idea of how much it developed over time.

9/2/2001 is the earliest snapshot of the site. It shows the original hard-coded simple lists I would compile by hand in HTML code and upload to the All-Brevard server. The Flintstones would have been proud. It's a little sparce because I was only posting information provided to me by the bands or venues listed- not copying from other publications or websites.

12/20/2001 shows an example of the first SCL pages to include links to band and venue details. More hand coding, but getting more informative.

1/25/2002 shows the new database-design based on coding written by Warren. This marks the turning point of the site from all data being received by email and then hand-coded by me and uploaded to the server. It's no exaggeration to say this was a necessary and crucial step to keep the site growing, and even alive. Look at the volume of data hosted on SCL today, and you can be sure I never would have been able to keep up with it by hand.

04/02/2006 shows the new and current SLC logo (created for SCL by Jeff Speice, then member of the Pinch Band) and the final and current site design.

You can root around in the other snapshots and see a lot of musical history of the Space Coast of the past 16+ years. A lot of names of folks who have moved on, one way or another. A lot of good news, and some sad news. A lot of stories that were important at the time, and since passed into our memories. All and all, a calendar of not just music events, but a music-centric community. We done good, together.

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