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For the folks who missed the party/poster signing, and everyone else.
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: May 16, 2018 
Thanks again to everyone who joined us at the Goodbye/Hello/Thank You party at Salty Fox on April 27th. And thank you to everyone who signed the GHTY poster that Rhonda circulated. Your well-wishes are most appreciated.

Rhonda Perez, the dynamo organizing the GHTY party and the poster signing, did an amazing job at both tasks: Thank you, Rhonda! But she also told me that many musicians and SCL fans wanted to come to the party but could not because of prior engagements, etc., and felt some disappointment at not being able to show their support for SCL. And that while she hand-carried the poster to various gigs and venues for signing, that there were people who wanted to sign but could not, likewise feeling disappointed for not being able to show their appreciation for SCL.

Let me assure you, your good will and appreciation is felt, whether you attended the party or not, whether you signed the poster or not. Because I know you love music like I do, and we share that common bond- if you did not love music, then you wouldn’t be on this site, reading this note. Over the years, many people have said ‘thank you’ in emails, and in person, and we’re all members of a mutual appreciation society because we share a love of music. I appreciate that love of music in you, as much as anyone might appreciate SCL. The party was a blast, and the poster is a memento of a really great community project. But most of all, I appreciate all the people who have made music, and supported music, here on the Space Coast. You’ve enriched my life, and countless other lives. Thank you.

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