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Name City
Usual Suspects, The Melbourne Details
Victory Jones Melbourne Details
Vince Love and The Soul Cats Palm Bay Details
Vince Reed Band Melbourne/Cocoa Beach Details
Vinnie Cimino S-e-b-a-s-t-i-a-n Details
Vinnie Hines Melbourne Details
Vintage Cocoa Beach Details
Vision The Space Coast Details
Voyager Cape Canaveral Details
W.R.E.C.K. Melbourne Details
Wahl Street Melbourne Details
Walter Jay and Texas Flood Melbourne Details
Wayne Butler Melbourne Details
Wayne Stanley Palm Bay Details
We Are One (The Band) Cocoa Details
Webb Songer Band Palm Bay Details
Weep Cocoa Details
Wes Hufnagel Satellite Beach Details
Western Atlantic Titusville Details
WhichDoctors Cocoa Beach Details